LEGO® Ion - Instructions

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LEGO® Ion - Instructions

Marius Herrmann
9 ratings

"Stand by for Titanfall!"

This bundle includes the instructions as well as the list of parts for a LEGO® Model inspired by the Ion-Class Titan from the 2016 game "Titanfall 2".

The instructions offer a step-by-step guide to recreate the Ion-Class Titan with LEGO® bricks.

Since a lot of effort went into creating the model and the instructions, 10€ is the minimal price. However, the instructions are sold on a name-your-price basis. So if you like what I do and want to support me in creating more models and instructions in the future, feel free to pay what it is worth to you!

I appreciate all of the support I get! :)

Important information:

  • This model is designed for display only. The finished model is fragile and can be difficult to balance.
  • Since the gun he is holding in the picture is quite heavy, it can throw the model off balance. Therefore it is not included in the instructions.
  • The legs and arms have multiple points of articulation and the head can tilt and turn. His shoulder-mounted laser can extend and aim.
  • The model is meant to resemble its in-game counterpart as closely as possible. Therefore, the ease of assembly and sturdiness of the build is less than those of official LEGO products.
  • The model consists of 191 different types of bricks and 892 bricks in total.
  • Some of these bricks are rarer than others and you might experience some trouble with finding some of them.
  • A .xml file is included to automatically create a Wanted List with the needed parts on bricklink.com. Go to "Want" > "Upload" > "Upload BrickLink XML Format" and copy and paste the text of the .xml file there.
  • Additionally a .csv part list with all the part numbers is included.
  • The instructions and the list of parts are for personal use only. Please do not distribute or sell the documents or the finished model.


Titanfall® is a trademark of Respawn Entertainment, LLC

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse this model.

I want this!


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